Of Sister’s Closet and Lamentations 

March 29 Letter to Friend:  Today and yesterday I’ve been listening to Jeremiah. This afternoon I finished reading it and listened to some Habakkuk, Lamentations, and Ezekiel while clearing out my sister’s closet… It almost seemed fitting that I should be tearing clothes and ‘stuff’ from her closet while listening to the Israelites taken captive…

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‘…[he] returning, everybody looks at him. Not because anybody wants to see him, but because of that subtle influence in nature which impels humanity to embrace the slightest opportunity of looking at anything, rather than the person who addresses it.’ -Our Mutual Friend

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‘We discussed various particulars on the subject. I had stood aloof from the bench, and having nothing to do with my hands, was using those articles as entertainment for themselves, to no great satisfaction.’-Harsh Judgement of Character 

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‘It was like the politeness in him smothered over his befuddlement. And so I began writing.’ -The Great Girl Scare

Bethany Miller -Part 3 | A Character Story

Bethany MillerPart Three, The Epic Conclusion of this Narrative, written by Katlyn Boone. (Also Ann Morgan Elliott) Bethany Miller of Andrews Court or, An Eharmony Date Gone Wrong (With All the Inaccuracies) –Bethany’s Apartment– One might suppose I would begin part three with an account of the babysitting job at four o’clock the following afternoon,…

Of Milk Water and a Wooden Town | A Dream

The Milk Water Dream &The Wooden Town Dream January 22.2017 Gwyn(my sister) and I went to sleep over at someone’s house(I think it was the ______, but it looked different). The beds were on tables and we didn’t seem to sleep, which makes me think that Gwyn and I arrived sometime in the morning, while…

Grace Denlinger | A Character Description

Grace Denlinger of North Avenue, by Katlyn Boone (with all the usual inaccuracies) By age two, she had almost killed herself three times. Once by locking herself in the chicken coop, and she wasn’t discovered till late in the evening. It started when she thought she had strangled a kitten to death and so she…

Bethany Miller | A Character Description Series

:: I have the intention of copying the back of my church notebook to digital text over time and decided to start with this story. In copying over my hasty scribblings of more or less intelligible handwriting, I found it necessary to improve upon the style and flow of the story. It is a Sunday…

writings and scribbles of late

The back of my book is dedicated to thoughts and such… random words…. something I wrote to a friend… copying a font 


   “Let me know when things are sinking down, if things begin to unravel, I’ll come be a bridge.” said I … And then, “I wish I had a bridge.” -…Guesses

Adventures in my Cam Roll pt 17

}Foil ball{    }Lunch{    }Self Portraits{         –Selfies–                     ~writing~    Ideas and the Sky          

Adventures in my C R pt. 16

When my siblings made a “restraunt” at the pine trees      When my friends and I painted our nails, played digital scrabble , and listened to music        Book Quotes:                          That happened…    My little bro…